Donw &Feather
Processing Down and Feathers
De-Dusting & Washing:
Baled Down and feathers are sent to the loading silo where they are dropped into the de-dusting machine and sent through a series of cycles to remove course waste and fine dust by a vacuum chamber.

Down and Feather are sent to the loading silo, then dropped into the washer which has been filled with warm water. A biodegradable detergent and degreaser are added ensuring a thorough cleaning. 

Dewatering & Drying:

Down and Feathers are sent to the loading silo and fed into the Steam Dryer where the temperature is raised to 100 degrees Celsius drying and sterilizing them. They are then transferred to the cooling Chamber and are kept in continuous motion through air circulation in a large Cylinder.


Down and Feathers are sent to the loading silo where small batches are dropped into the sorting Machine and separated by swiftly circulating air in vertical chambers that have hinged doors on each compartment. Less buoyant Feathers settle into compartments according to their size and weight. The much prized Down accumulates in the last compartment. 

The separated Down and Feathers are removed from the various compartments of the sorting Machine. They are transferred (through a vacuum system) to large bags located inside each bagging chamber.